Grades and Assignments

Your grade will be derived from the following assignments and requirements:

Assignment and Examination Schedule*

Due Date** Assignment Grade Value
September 18 Origins Story 100 points
October 4 Exam #1 250 points
November 13 Exam #2 250 points
  Online Discussions 150 points
TBA Global Paper 150 points
EVERY DAY Participation/In-Class Assignments 100 points

*Please note, you are entitled to one late assignment (within reason – a week) because life/school happens.  After using one “get out of on-time delivery assignment card,” late assignments will be penalized accordingly

**I reserve the right to change due dates in your favor according to your needs and desires – Communicate

Grading Scale


1000-930: A

929-900: A-

899-870: B+

869-830: B

829-800: B-

799-770: C+

769-730: C

729-700: C-

699-670: D+

669-600: D

590 and Below: F


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