Origin Story Assignment (100 points)

Origin Story Assignment (100 points)

Much of the reading argues that one of the greatest challenges to understanding hip-hop culture is attaining knowledge of its broader history and context.  In others words, hip-hop should (must) not be understood as an example of an essential or pure manifestation of blackness, but rather a result of history (a confluence of cultures, social practices, political movements, etc.) and agents of history.  In this regard, you are to create an “origins story(ies)” of hip-hop.  An origin story is best described as how a particular culture came into being.”  It is the backstory, crucial to understanding the aesthetics and development of a cultural production. Fulfilling one of the principle goals of this class (LGI), this assignment emphasizes history memory and narrative construction


However, your task is NOT develop an origin stor(ies) exclusively through written narrative, but rather through creation of a poster, scrap book, or another method of visual communication .  You are to use images, pictures, artifacts, words, lyrics, your own artistic schools etc. that might serve the creation of an origin poster on hip-hop.  Think globally and think beyond the immediate rise of hip-hop within the context of 1960s and 1970s New York as to divorce casual relationship within such an origin story.

In an order to successfully complete this assignment, students must conduct library research, examining the various histories offered by hip-hop historians.  Likewise, students must consult the valuable online archives dedicated to hip-hop memory.  We will spend:





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