Engaging hip-hop (Online discussions)

Thinking about the music in a global context and using specific examples, how would you respond to this list


  1. Personality matters more than “skills.”
  2. When white people enjoy “ignorant rap,” it feels racist.

3.     Explicitly political rap music will never change the world.

4.     Rap treats women horribly.

5.     Most criticism of contemporary rap is rooted in biased nostalgia.

6.     Rap’s popularity has declined significantly in mainstream America.

7.     The Internet A&R decimated the quality of popular rap.

8.     Rap makes violence seem very cool.

9.     Rap is the single biggest promoter of drug abuse in popular culture.

10. Most conscious rap is condescending, simplistic, and corny.

11. Rap is a really bad influence on children.